Bio / 経歴




1994     I began performance art which was influenced by Free Jazz.

        Then I have done performance like guerillas in various open air sites in Tokyo.


1995     I had a relation to a big exhibition ``Ripple across the water``

        produced by Jan Hoet, a curator. And I was greatly shocked at Contemporary Art.


1997     X communication   (Nakano Zero Art Gallery / Tokyo)

        Genzon Hyougen  (Kid Ailack Art hall / Tokyo, Minamititose Park / Nagano)


1998     WHITE HEAT Ⅱ   (Kagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery / Yokohama)

        The 5th Nippon international performance art festival   

          (Nagano Prefectural Worker's Welfare Center Hall / Nagano,

          Nagoya University of Arts/ Nagoya, Minami Ward Community Cultural Center Hall /

          Hiroshima, Shinjuku Bunka Center / Tokyo)


        Resistances in Life !   <organized and appearance> (Tokyo University of Arts / Tokyo)

        The 3th Asian Performance Art Series   (Kid Ailack Art Hall / Tokyo)

        NISHIYASOU in summer 1998  (Nishiyasou / Kanagawa)

        Performance Show   (Human dog Art cafe / Tokyo)

        Ramdom Pluse    (Shinkiba Soko Gallery / Tokyo)

        12 hour    (Human Dog Art cage / Tokyo)


1999     Anything, or More than it   (Plan-B / Tokyo)

        WHITE HEAT Ⅲ    (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery / Yokohama)

        June 君之死   <Performance Play, produced by Huang Rui>

          (Toshima Ward Community Hall, Ekoda Store House, Shinjuku Bunk Center / Tokyo,

          Victoria Park / Hong Kong, Street / Macao)


        Asian TEISHOKU    <organized and appearance> (Gallery Q/ Tokyo)

        The First ATAMI Biennale   (Open air areas in Atami city / Shizuoka)


2000     Cross Talk   (Eyepit Mejiro / Tokyo)

        Invisible Exhibition   (Parthenon Tama / Tokyo)

        Perspective Emotion Ⅱ  (WENZ Studio / Tokyo)


2001     Lu Deco on Sunday   (Lu Deco Gallery / Tokyo)

        The 2th ATAMI Biennale    (The field in Izutaga / Shizuoka)

        Perspective Emotion Ⅲ   (Housei University Student Hall / Tokyo)


2002     The Bridge, dedicated to Chen Shi Sen  (Moving Earth Studio / Tokyo)

        The Performance   (International Cafe / Yokosuka)

        Pre-event of the Ceremony, dedicated to TENANMEN on 6.4

          (Victoria Park / Hong Kong)

        The exhibition in the exchange of Chinese and Japanese Artist

          (Open air area, Oltanative Space / Gonzo in China)

        6.4   (6.4Bar / Hong Kong)

        ANTI-WAR   (Hong Kong Culture Center / Hong Kong)

        Tadashi Watanabe and Teruyuki Tanaka's exhibition   (Gallery Mon / Nagano)

        Performance Art   (Gallery Kingyo / Tokyo)


2003     Teruyuki Tanaka SECRET EXHIBITION   (Rouon Toubu Center / Tokyo)

        叛く ,SOMUKU   (Tathiai River / Tokyo)

        The Collaboration with Noriyuki Haraguti    (Oitashi Museum / Oita)

        Blank Map   (Morisu Gallery / Tokyo)

        Teruyuki Tanaka Performance Work 13,10,2003   (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/ Tokyo)


2004     GARBAGE UQUARIUM   (Galapagos art space / New YorK)


2005     Gradation of happening   (Lotus / Sapporo)

        Resistances in Life ! 2005    (Brick-one / Tokyo)